Allan G, Preston

August 6, 2019 - wfw-admin - Uncategorised

When 8 week old Bailey arrived I needed some help with how to train her so that she could run about and enjoy herself in the fields where we lived while keeping safe and without getting lost in the hedgerows and woods. I approached Helen and she advised and taught me how to teach her recall, how to teach her to keep an eye on me and always know where I was and, for those other occasions, how to teach her how to behave on a lead. All invaluable lessons for both me and Bailey! She did it with patience and gentle, practical, easy to follow suggestions and advice. Today, Bailey is still a happy and carefree little dog who runs free, comes immediately she is called, always follows me without being told and walks to heel on or off the lead when I tell her. Couldn’t have done it without Helen!

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