Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions –one to one training and behavior consultations.

  1. Wellbeing4Woofs are fully insured and abide by the code of conduct and ethics of the International Canine Behaviourists (ICB). We offer one to one training and behaviour support (subject to availability). By booking an appointment, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the relevant statements below.


  1. Before, during and after your sessions, your dog is your own responsibility. He/she must be controlled at all times by you, the owner. Wellbeing4Woofs accepts no responsibility for any injury or damages to any animal, person or property while participating in any training or behaviour modification support.


  1. All services have a start and end date, depending on the package purchased by the client. This will be confirmed in writing at the time of booking.


  1. Fees will be invoiced and must be paid within 7 days after the consultation session.


  1. Cancellations – 24 hours’ notice is required. Charges may be applied (for up to the entire period that has been cancelled) if the required notice period is not given.


  1. Refunds – Requests for refunds must be stated in writing and must be given with at least 48 hours notice of the booked session or appointment. Refunds part way through packages or programmes will be calculated by charging full single session rate of the used sessions, then the remainder balance will be 50% refunded, subject to a £20 administration fee.


  1. Wellbeing4woofs reserves the right to cancel the contract (at any time & with immediate effect) if any dog/s under the contract do not respond well to the behaviour action plan and/or other dogs (where the continuing of said contract is deemed, by Wellbeing4woofs, to constitute a risk). Client failure to divulge information, behaviour issues and risks fall under this termination/cancellation right.


  1. All dogs will be on lead during training unless prior agreement has been reached with Wellbeing4woofs. You, the owner, are fully responsible for the control of the dog at all times.


  1. Our methods are all kind, ethical, force free and effective. We will never employ any training methods which will punish, frighten or harm your dog in any way.


  1. The use of aversive tools is strictly not permitted, for example lead correction, choke chains, prong collars, water spray bottles, pebble bottles, shouting or any form of physical reprimand.


  1. Wellbeing4Woofs will apply personal judgement and cut short a session/appointment, if necessary, if we feel your dog is not coping well. In the case of anxious dogs, we may do the initial session across two separate sessions if this is beneficial for your dog.


  1. Behaviour modification requires long term commitment from you to follow and
    practice our methods with your dog outside of the training/behaviour sessions for
    progress to be made. Whilst training has a high success rate, there is never any
    guarantee with behaviour change.


  1. All dogs that are known to bite other dogs or cause injury may be asked to wear a muzzle. We take no responsibility for dogs who are not muzzled or kept under control, during our session or outside of our session. Failure to wear a muzzle when asked may result in termination of your support.


  1. I am insured with Pet Plan Sanctuary however any accident or injury during our training session will not be covered if you have failed to use the appropriate equipment or failed to follow my advice.


  1. Dogs must be always kept under control when I am entering your premises. Failure to do so and any injury caused by your dog being out of control will be your full responsibility.


  1. In some cases I use stooge dogs to aid training. You will be responsible for keeping your dog a sufficient and safe distance from the stooge dog and if asked will need your dog to wear a muzzle during these sessions.


  1. You are happy for Wellbeing4woofs to share success stories about your dog via social media and share photos.


  1. You are happy to write a testimonial if requested.


  1. You agree to report/check in regularly about your dog’s progress through either email, text, or by sharing on our Facebook page or respond to any communication from Wellbeing4woofs. Failure to respond to communication from Wellbeing4Woofs may result in termination of your support.


  1. Client details will be retained securely for a period of 2 years after the service has been provided after which time all records will be deleted. Consent to hold this information can be withdrawn at any time by contacting Wellbeing4Woofs.