One to One Adult Dog Training

One to one private training sessions are designed specifically to help you turn your dog training struggles into successes.

Tailored to your specific needs I can work on the basics, help you to manage some emerging issues or improve on existing skills. Some common struggles include;

  • Coming back to you when asked, despite the distractions
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Barking
  • Jumping up at visitors

You can do anything if you have enthusiasm – Henry Ford

A one to one dog training session allows me to dedicate time to you and your dog without the distractions of a class environment and helps to develop your dog’s skills in the real-life situations that they encounter. During the session I will guide you and your dog through some practical training strategies which will help build your training confidence and give you a set of skills you can put into daily practise.

All one to one dog training sessions start with a free Introductory call to discuss more about your dog’s needs so that I can start to develop an appropriate, bespoke training plan.

This will be followed by an initial one to one training session which will usually take place at your home and may last up to 90 minutes. Should your struggles take place outside of the home we may take the training ‘on the road’ so that you get the opportunity to practice in real life situations.

You will be provided with a summary report, training plan and a follow up call one week later.

The sessions are designed to encourage you to have fun with your dog and will only ever use kind, positive and force free methods.

Includes a summary report and a follow up call/email.

Ongoing Support Packages available.

**Please note 1-2-1 training sessions are not suitable for behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, aggression or reactivity. Please refer to the Behaviour Consultations link.

To book in a free  15 minute Introductory call to discuss how I can help contact me