Behaviour Consultations

Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs or people?

Does your dog struggle to be left alone?

Do you avoid visitors coming to your home?

Is your dog constantly barking?




Owning a dog that displays aggressive or anxious behaviour can be stressful; for both you and your dog. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Dogs who are labelled as having behaviour issues are often displaying emotions to express that they are feeling uncomfortable with a situation.  They aren’t naughty or badly behaved; they are often stressed and don’t know any other strategies for resolving their anxiety.

Dogs do speak , but only to those that know how to listen

-Orhan Pamuk

Behaviour consultations will work to alter your dog’s underlying emotions so that they feel more comfortable with the environment and better equipped to handle situations that currently cause them worry or anxiety.  Once your dog’s emotions are calmer we are able to shift focus towards new learning.  In addition, you will be sympathetically supported to develop the skills and confidence to put appropriate strategies in place so that you can cope with real life, challenging situations.

All behaviour consultations start with a free Introductory call to discuss more about the problems you’re experiencing, any relevant background information and to offer any immediate advice. I may ask that you arrange to see your vet before we start work together so that we can take into account the possibility of any contributing medical condition.

This will be followed by an in-depth behaviour consultation that will usually take place at your home and may last up to two hours. During this consultation I will guide you through some practical management and training strategies for you to put into practice to help your dog overcome their difficulties.

Following the behaviour consultation you will receive a comprehensive report together with a detailed action plan.

It can often take time and commitment to gain long term results with behaviour issues and therefore it is recommended that further training sessions may be required.

Following the initial consultation a range of ongoing support packages are available which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Please note that due to my qualifications your dog insurance policy may cover the cost of my services but this should be checked with your insurance provider first as policies and levels of cover vary.

For non-judgemental, honest advice and support or to book in your free introductory call contact me.